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Iron with Vitamin C & Iron-Rich Food Blend

  • 90 Capsules (3 Months Supply)
  • GENTLE VEGAN IRON SUPPLEMENT: 25 mg of Iron per serving with Vitamin C from Acerola Cherries and Iron-Rich Whole Food Blend including Beetroot, Spinach, Kale, Swiss Chard, and Pumpkin Seed. Increase energy and decrease fatigue.
  • ADVANCED BIOAVAILABILITY FOR BETTER ABSORPTION: Our Iron is formulated as Ferrous Bisglycinate Chelate which has nearly 2x more bioavailability than other forms of Iron such as ferrous sulfate, gluconate or fumarate.
  • The addition of Vitamin C further enhances the absorption of our Iron, so you can get better results.
  • TOP UP IRON LEVELS: Perfect way to supplement your diet with Iron for healthy red blood cell functions.
  • Designed for individuals with common iron deficiencies such as pregnant women, vegans, dialysis patients, frequent blood donors, and anemic men or women.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & SAFETY: This product is made in GMP-Certified facility with Premium Ingredients that are Non-GMO, Natural, Gluten Free, Soya Free, Vegan & Vegetarian; and contain NO Colouring, Flavouring or Preservatives of any kind.