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In an exciting development for preventative healthcare - the UK government decided to offer those at high risk of COVID-19 free supplementary Vitamin D. The rationale behind this intervention is based on data indicating Vitamin D’s capacity to positively modulate both immune and inflammatory responses during acute respiratory infections. 

However, disappointingly, the amount included in these supplements (400 IU) is equivalent to the quantity used as a placebo in clinical trials - i.e. any effects of such a low level of Vitamin D are insignificant. Of course we always need to balance benefit versus harm when we undertake supplementation programmes, but when it comes to Vitamin D the risk of toxicity under the government approved 4000 IU is non existent. 

We simply do not get enough sunlight in the UK to build sufficient Vitamin D stores during winter, even with a high dietary intake of Vitamin D rich food stuffs (oily fish, egg yolks, liver etc), therefore supplementation is essential to avoid inevitable deficiency. 

Our Vitamin D3 provides expert approved levels of this essential nutrient (2500IU) as well as being in a format which is friendly for all - vegans included, as it is sourced from a potent plant based form of Vitamin D3, Marine Algae. 

Comprehensive Immune Support

Of course, Vitamin D isn’t the only nutrient to consider when we want to support our bodies internal immune response. Nutrients work best together, and natural immunity is a great example of this. We can further support our immune system by ensuring adequate intake of Vitamin C, both through diet - think red pepper, broccoli and kiwi fruit, and through supplementation. Our Vitamin C stores deplete rapidly, especially when exposed to stress/ viruses, so we need to replenish our supplies daily. 

Our Vitamin C is not only sourced from nature (Acerola cherries) but also benefits from citrus bioflavonoids to bolster our ability to absorb as much of this multi talented nutrient as possible.

You can also add in some herbal help via our targeted Immune support formula - here you still gain the protection of Vitamin C, but with the added assistance of immune enhancing Black Elderberry extract & Echinacea (proven to shorten the duration of the common cold).

Veganuary - Are You Getting Enough Vitamin B12?

We all know that plant based eating, when done well, can provide us with abundant nutrient rich goodness, and is a great way to ensure we reach the desired 7-10 portions of veg and fruit per day. However, it can be easy to sideline some key nutrients which we cannot obtain in the absence of animal products. A great example of this is Vitamin B12. Found predominantly in animal products, this is not a nutrient we want to forget. With its fundamental role in nervous system maintenance, we have to include a supplementary intake if we go exclusively plant based. Helpfully you can easily reach your B12 requirements with our Vegan formulation, which also has added spirulina for additional goodness.

Other nutrients to consider during veganuary include: Iron, Vitamin D, and DHA.

How Are You Really Feeling Right Now?

Of course, it has not been the ideal start to the new year, with restrictions likely hampering our positive intentions. However, we can use this challenging time to reaffirm what we need right now to feel well. 

Perhaps we need a cold turkey negative news detox to break the endless exposure to doom and gloom, or perhaps we need to actively seek out some tales of inspiration to tip the balance in favour of the good (there are still good things happening out there, promise!). can provide a refreshing injection of positivity when you need it most.

Or maybe we just need to cultivate more rest, more movement, more fresh food, in whatever format suits our current reality. We cannot alter the external reality but we can 100% breathe deeper, move a little more, and rest longer, until the troubles pass. Hold tight, you are doing great.

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